How To Teach Yourself French

May 27, 2019

There are many ways how you can learn how to speak French on your own. First of all, adopt a certain mental attitude to carry out the learning process and be ready to keep your motivation high no matter what.

To teach yourself French, try to stick to the following rules:

1.    Don’t waste your time learning too many words

To learn how to speak French, stick to the most necessary words only. Make a list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that are the most appropriate to your needs. Also, make certain you know most essential colors, numbers and common conversation starter and ending phrases.

There should be no difficulty to make a list of your words in English and use free Internet resources to translate them into French. Google it and you will easily find many English to French dictionary sites.

The next step is to include these words into English sentences. Good method for that is to describe what you do, see or think. For example: ‘It is a ordinateur (computer) “or “This is my bras (arm) ‘.

By practicing putting French words into context, even it is in English; you will learn how to speak French much faster.

2.    The same rule of Less is More applies to teaching yourself French grammar

It is enough to learn just most essential French conjugations for primary first-person singular or ‘I’ and second-person singular or ‘You’  in the past, present, and future. Alongside learn everyday phrases that illustrate them. Make sure you learn a principal French word order in the sentence.

3.    Learn how to speak French phrases

Teach yourself French phrases and you will communicate in complete thoughts immediately. You will also pick up some grammar along the way too.

If you don’t have a French phrase book, make a list of phrases you think you might need (for ideas, look through a phrase book for any other language) and get them translated using free online English to French dictionaries. There should be no problem to get translation for the whole phrase or sentence; check the Google translator first. Continue learning French by adding words to your initial phrases. For instance, with the phrase “Where is…?” you might add “the hotel’ or ” the nearest restaurant”.

4.    Immerse in French

Teach yourself French by immersing into the language whenever you can. Surround yourself with everything French and make it part of your everyday life.

If you will make a conscious and persistent effort, you will be surprised how easy it is. Read recipes and instructions in French before reading them in English, choose French speaking movies with French subtitles, and listen to popular French songs and so on. Listening to the songs is particularly effective method of learning how to speak French as the rhythm of the melody and repetition will make it very easy to pick up correct pronunciation too.

5.    Do not be afraid to make mistakes

First of all, accept a new mind-set that you are going to make mistakes, in fact a lot of them. Be ready to screw up regularly. Plainly ask friends to correct you and reward them with praise when they hear you saying nonsense, particularly the small understandable mistakes.

6.    Make French learning fun

To teach yourself French and keep doing it over the time, you have to make sure that you have fun along the way. Make sure you learn how to speak French in ways you find enjoyable, like watching your favorite French movie or listening to French songs, and if possible, find songs that you can watch with subtitles. Go to your favorite French restaurant, lead menu in French and order food in French too. Keep practicing every day. Remember to go ahead with French conversation right away and to make many mistakes. Amusez-vous bien !

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