French Audio Lessons The Smart Way To Learn French

May 27, 2019

It is a well known fact that one of the easiest ways to learn French or any other foreign language is by listening to audio lessons either on CD or downloadable on MP3 or IPod. It is also one of the fastest and least expensive ways to learn how to speak French.

But the real question is somewhat different: Is it really likely that one will learn how to speak in decent French while listening to audio ONLY lessons?

What are benefits of French audio lessons? Correct French accent and pronunciation The main benefit of French audio lessons is your possibility to listen and learn correct French pronunciation and accent right from the beginning. Most of the programs have a native French speaker recording the lesson, so this is a brilliant way to pick the accurate accent right from the beginning.

Interactive participation helps to memorize vocabulary and expressions

High-quality learn French audio course is created in such manner that it gives time to student to repeat the word or expression and makes learning process INTERACTIVE. While listening to audio lessons student is expected to give correct response before hearing correct answer. Interactive audio participation is excellent practice for recalling a word or expression from the long term memory and as a result much better memorizing it.

Develops a sense of French ‘correctness’ By repetitive listening to French audio lessons on CD or MP3, student unconsciously picks the grammatical rules and structure of the language, and develops a “feel” for correctness’ or sense of the correct way how to speak French.

This is a far more favorable option rather than monotonous memorization and drills.

Freedom to Learn French anyplace and anytime

Use your time wisely sitting in the traffic jam in your car or go to gym or prepare a food in the kitchen while listening to your French audio lessons- these are just some of the countless options you can choose from if you decide to learn French with audio course. The audio formats are also diverse – CD, MP3, IPhone, IPods and so on. The time and place for your French audio lessons is entirely up to you.

High level of Customization

Select your own pace of study, go fast or slow, recap sections as many times as you want, until you get it done.

Beyond doubt there are numerous advantages learning French with audio lessons. However, many may not know that by sticking with audio only one can miss out other good ways of studying French.

Can you miss something out learning French with audio only?

The major disadvantage to learn French with audio lessons only is that you will miss out writing and reading part, or you will simply not learn how to write and read in French.

Another very critical aspect is to understand that each of us prefers particular learning style. Some of us are more visual learners, preferring to think in pictures (works well with visual aids such as printouts, written exercises, software games).

Others are auditory learners who pick up information much better while listening (audio lessons, lectures, discussions).

If you study French solely with audio lessons, but your learning preference is visual, you may be frustrated and struggling to learn French and simply miss out learning method that is better suitable for you.


Audio lessons are important in you French studies, but to give a full speed to your learning it makes a lot of sense to mix multiple learning techniques.

Perfect French learning course would merge interactive French audio lessons with printouts that are also translated in English; visual vocabulary and phrase learning activities such as flashcards, preferably where words are associated with pictures; real-life situation simulations and culture lessons. It is effective way to learn French within the context of situation.

The fast way to learn French is to use an effective mixture of audio and visual tools with as much immersion into language as possible. In this way both learning styles are combined that makes the most effective use of your time and effort.

One of the best French courses that integrate audio lessons with exerxies, videos, pronunciation checker, and many more is Tell Me More French.

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